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The Notification of the Joint Exhibits Solicitation for the World Billiards Museum


To All Units and Individuals Concerned:


Located within the International City of Billiards Culture, Yushan county, Jiangxi province, China, the World Billiards Museum covers a total area and the building area of 13500 and 7000 square meters respectively. As the world's largest expo facility of billiards culture, the World Billiards Museum embraces the development course, cultural charm, traditional games and historical figures of Snooker, American, Chinese, Russian, Carom and many other types of billiards sports.


First of all, the World Billiards Museum is managed by the Chinese Billiards & Snooker Association, built by the People’s Government of Yushan County, and undertaken by Beijing Xingwei Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. Meanwhile, Jiangxi Star International Culture Development Co., Ltd. is in charge of the overall planning and operation of the World Billiards Museum. Above all, many international billiards organizations, such as the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association, the European Billiards Federation, the Asian Pocket Billiard Union, the African Billiards Association, and the Russian Billiards Association, have provided full support and cooperation.


With the theme of “Showcasing the World Billiards Culture, Promoting the World Billiards Exchanges”, she will look back on the development path of the world billiards sports, intensively displaying, refining and carrying forward the culture and spirit of billiards through multiple special display areas, such as “the Origins of Billiards”, “the Expo of Billiards”, “the Situations of Competitions”, “Industrial Culture”, “Charming Billiards”, “Billiards Celebrities”, etc.


At present, since the World Billiards Museum has been built, we are soliciting billiards exhibits and museum collections with historical and commemorative significance across the world. The relevant particulars are notified as follows.








I. The Solicitation Scopes

(1) Billiards equipment, such as: pool tables, billiards balls, cues, scoring devices, tips, etc.

(2) Billiards souvenirs, such as: trophies, prizes, certificates of merit, postcards, stamps, tickets for billiards tournaments, etc.

(3) Literature information, such as: historical documents of great billiards tournaments, contest regulations and literature, artistic works, historical stories, etc.

(4) Audio-visual materials, such as: important billiards tournaments, billiards history, classic cases and other audio-visual materials.

(5) Celebrity belongings, such as: handwritten manuscripts, clothing accessories, figures stories and all kinds of souvenirs.

(6) Other billiards relics and souvenirs.



II. Forms of the Exhibits Solicitation

Fully respecting the wills of cultural relics’ owners, this solicitation is mainly voluntary. We will adopt multiple forms in the solicitation process, such as voluntary donation, borrowing, safekeeping, takeover by agreement, and exchanges in terms of the cultural relics’ nature. In this way, the billiards relics and historical exhibits scattered all over the world can be displayed intensively, utilized sufficiently, with their value being enhanced and culture promoted in the world’s largest museum of billiards. The items solicited in the above-mentioned ways can also attach agreements signed with the Chinese Billiards & Snooker Association and the operating unit separately.








III. Honor and Gratitude

The World Billiards Museum will pay tribute to and prove the donors’ contributions in various forms.

(1) To present the “Certificate of Honour” ;

(2) To bear the name of the donor or giver on the exhibits’ name plates;

(3) To express our particular gratitude in the important positions of the World Billiards Museum, especially to the donors who have made great contributions.

(4) To confer the title of “Honorary Museum Official and Researcher” and bestow medals to the remarkable donors. If the donated cultural relics are of high grade or large quantity, the donors can be inducted into the World Billiards Hall of Fame after evaluation, which is in recognition of your great contributions to the world billiards cause.

(5) Other feasible ways in which donors wish to be honored and appreciated.






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IV. Contact Information

I. The Chinese Billiards & Snooker Association

Address: North Jade Mansion, 3011, Guangming Road, No.13, Dongcheng District, Beijing City, China.

Email: cbsa@sports.cn


Contacts (Attention): (0086)13901115969 Ni Hao

Contacts (Attention):(0086)18101352487 Yan Qian

II. Jiangxi Star International Culture Development Co., Ltd.

Address: Preparatory Office of the World Billiards Museum, Floor 2, Yutai International Hotel Administration Building, No.1188, Peoples Avenue, Yushan County, Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province, China.

Email: billiardsmuseum@163.com

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Contacts (Attention): Ma Xiaolong Linda


The Chinese Billiards & Snooker Association


Jiangxi Star International Culture Development Co., Ltd.

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